By JohnW

Stoat on Parade

Well that was the empty shoe polish tin it was on anyway.
We had a pleasant surprise this morning.
I was out on the back lawn chasing off vermin when I spotted this little creature running across the patio.  At first I thought it was a baby grey squirrel or rat, but when I got close it was obviously not.  To my surprise it just stopped, looked at me as if to say “Hello”  then continued on its way into our recycling box outside the kitchen door. 
Mrs W came out and recognised the little fellow (or fellowess) as a stoat.  He/she showed no fear of either of us and commenced to clean out an empty cream carton.   He/she didn’t even take any notice when I turned the cream carton over and around so that I could get a better photograph – just carried on regardless.
After the cream carton was spotlessly clean attention was given to the remaining items waiting to be transferred to the wheely bin.  You will see by the bottom two images in the collage at extra that he/she has good taste.
Somehow I think he/she is a regular visitor.
It’s strange how something so small and cute can put pay to an adult rabbit many times its size and drag it’s prize off!

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