Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Sunlit shore

The calendar assures me that this is late May; the weather felt more like early March. When I took this photo, we were in a brief spell of respite from a gusty wind driving white topped waves up the firth just round the corner behind me, and the sun had appeared for the first time since we'd left the house. The dark sky and dramatic clouds, however, do make for a good photo ...

And I love this bit of shore. It reminds me of Arran, presumably because of the presence of red sandstone as well as the local grey shaley rock; I could almost have been on the road between Brodick and Corrie instead of the road round Toward Point. I rarely walk here now - we were here today to avoid battering into the wind - but in the past, when my dear friends lived just past the point, it was such a familiar place. 

And now I've dragged myself away from the Election results. It was a relief to be able to watch relevant comment on the Scottish Nine channel - but what a small drop of sanity Scotland's voice is among the Brexiting chorus. I think I'll wait till tomorrow to think. Oblivion appeals right now...

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