Heron Chicks and a Great Day in Fairhaven

It's been quite awhile since I posted on Blipfoto. It seems that life has finally caught up with me and I've moved to a new place, both figuratively and literally. I'm now living in Fairhaven, one of the historic sections of Bellingham that used to be its own city. My fellow, Shelly, lives here and I decided I wanted to be much closer to him physically. I already was close emotionally. 

While we were in Costa Rica a condo in his complex came on the market. It was one of the smaller ones and conceivably even affordable. (Don't ask about prices in Fairhaven? Yikes!) I was sure the condo would be gone by the time we got home. But no. I was able to buy it and sell my other condo and now I'm pretty much settled in my new place. The old one sold quickly and the money came in just a couple of days ago so I could pay Shelly back for his loan to buy it and now I'm free and clear and the owner of a place very near everything. For the first time ever I live within walking distance of stores, trails, the bay, and best of all, right across the driveway from Shelly who lives in the same complex. All this change took every ounce of energy I had and every minute of time. Now I'm settled in and enjoying the pleasure of being in this great place so near to my guy!

So about today. It was Ski to Sea day here in Bellingham. This is a seven leg relay race from up at Mount Baker, down to Bellingham Bay, ending at Fairhaven. There are two skiing legs, two biking legs, a running leg, a canoeing leg, and it ends with kayaking from downtown Bellingham to Marine Park here in Fairhaven. It has become a very big deal over the years and today Fairhaven was bursting at the seams with happy people. Shelly and I took the forest route along the trails that run right behind our condo complex, along a creek and down to the park where the race ended.

We walked through the dog park, down a trail graced with beautiful rhododendrons on the sides. We stopped along the way at the heron colony and watched the youngsters and some adults. I caught this photo of three kids waiting for a meal. Then we went on to the park where the race ended. Later we walked up Harris Street and met my brother Steve for lunch at the Colophon Cafe. The weather was perfect.

Steve came over afterwards and he and I played Carcassonne while Shelly listened to music and dozed. Then Steve took off and Shelly and I had a quiet evening together. What a perfect day!

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