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By njoyce06

Remembering The Fallen.....

   One of the greatest impressions I came home with from my Utah vacation trip was how unbelievably patriotic the Mid West and West is, in our country.  Every town or city we went through, every cemetery, most homes, were remembering the brave men and women who died so that few could remain free and so that others, in lands far away, could also be free.   American flags were every where, proudly displayed.  Memorials were every where, un apologetic.
     Thinking about this today, and remembering, I went back through over 2000 pictures and pulled out examples of patriotism.  I have put them together, today, and made a collage, in honor to our fallen heroes.  
    I wish all a wonderful day, and ask, that you remember all the men and women who died so that the world could be free, even if you don't live in the US.  Somebody fought and died for you, so you could be free........
The pics are of Jefferson Davis Birth place Memorial, Dwight  D  Eissenhower, various memorials,  plaques with inspiring word,  small towns and there tributes, the American Indians, and many others.

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