Two jets honored our fallen by passing over as they do each year as the procession heads to the cemetery.  It left me and others with chills for a solid minute. This is a day that always finds me emotional.  The remembrance means more to me each year.  Greeting and talking with neighbors and acquaintances makes me glad I live in this community.

We were tired after our fun day with friends yesterday.  We had a slow morning, then Mr Mole and I worked in the yard like crazy people, finishing just before dark.  The next four days spell r-a-i-n again. He decided to give the lilacs a heavy prune while I cut the grass for the second time this week.  All the rain and intermittent sunshine has everything growing fast.  It will take us weeks to chop and bundle the trimmings.  No matter.  It's good to be moving outdoors.  Tomorrow I suspect motion to be limited.  I may just watch the wren couple lining their nest and chasing one another. 

I can barely post my own blips and am slowly keeping up with yours in fits and starts.  It's the best I can do right now.  Thanks for continuing to visit.  Hope your week ahead is a sunny one.

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