By Beckett


... back home! What a superb time with the family and our wonderful grandkids, Alice and Hayley.

This now as a back blip after our loooong flight home and being on a plane for two days, and a night guess what the blip is??

Here we are loading on in Dusseldorf at around 11am their time ready for a smooth flight (see extra) to arrive in Singapore hopefully on time at just after sun up (and it was amazing sun up in extra) tomorrow for our connection to Sydney an hour later.

Yep you guessed it, there was a delay due rerouting around the issue with Pakistan and Indian!

Anyways a reason why Singapore Airlines have been voted No.1 for the last couple of years, and we experienced one of them. Due the delay we were told to check ground staff to find already we were rebooked on the next flight in 90 minutes, And, due the issue please accept a breakfast voucher sorry for the delay, and your bags are okay they will be on the same flight! And they were.....

After a quick bite, we had a chance again to enjoy the amazing Changi airport, what a place. Guess what you will find tomorrows Blip is??

Off on the next leg on time ...

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE

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