Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham

Jelly Fungi

We found another blackbird nest yesterday which appeared to only have an adult and one fledgling in it...we were thinking it may have been the runt of our brood possibly displaced by the swallows returning to their nest site. After walking the dog this morning I carried on round the garden and heard an awful racket of fighting blackbirds behind a tree...and found the fledgling dying on the presumably had strayed into another birds territory and been attacked by an adult then it’s parent had beaten off the attacker, sadly too late to save it!

We had to fill one of the bird feeders yesterday for the great tits, they must be very hungry as they emptied it in a few hours.

Today’s collage...raindrops on the broom and rhododendron; jelly fungi growing among the lichen on trees in the garden and Freya looking towards a tiny Bass Rock glinting in the sun now it’s wearing its summer coat of guano.

Thanks to Ninniex for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.

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