Its the Way It Is

By Jeano


little weed that is growing healthily in the driver’s door of my Almera. It’s due its NCT next week and I need to clean it out but I don’t want to dislodge this little plant that smiles up at me everytime I open the door.

I started work ridiculously early today so I could take a half day to come home and watch Federer play in The French Open. But I mis-calculated and he isn’t due to play until tomorrow. And hot damn I can’t take tomorrow off as colleague away. So I will miss seeing him tomorrow. I have given up hoping I will see him live. He is a great athlete.

I decided that not to waste the half day, I decided I would de-clutter the filing cabinet in the art room (you know, 10 year old car insurance certs etc). I came across my documents for employment as translator for US Army 1st Armored Division in Germany many years ago and it awakened in me a need to go back to Nuernberg, a city and people that I loved. Yes I must re-visit that lovely place soon.

But I am watching a fascinating match between Evans and Verdasco and it’s great. Evans is a gutsy player. Roll on Eastbourne!

So this tiny plant has taken root in a cavern in my car door. Should I weed it out and have a clean car? I think not.

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