Southampton Again

Today is week two of my project down south, and I'm flying to Southampton on a Tuesday morning.  I was up at 5.15am ready for a taxi at 5.45am.  I was supposed to arrive at the airport by 6.00am ready for a flight at 7.00am.  Last week it was delayed - this week it was even later, finally leaving at about 8.05am.  We were actually quite glad that it was delayed, as the queue for security was massive, the longest I've ever seen it and I think it took us 40 minutes to get through.  I think it's probably the half term effect!

The delay was because one of the pilots had to wait the required 10 hours after his last flight, and that had been delayed due to technical issues.  It was very quiet too - I'm sure the plane was only about a half full.

It's only a 45 minute flight down and I've now worked out which is the least photogenic seat to sit in - I was right above the wing, and that's not good for photography!  I managed to get this slow shutter speed image of the engine - the extra is the view as we were coming in to land.  I should probably have considered moving seats...

Last week on this project I thought I had a grip on what we needed to achieve by the end of it.  Today, that was all thrown up in the air as different decisions were made, and different diagrams drawn.  We're also blocked waiting for things to be provided - I was trying to download a 5Gb file via a wireless network today, and the estimate varied between 7 hours and 1 day.  We gave up and used a hard drive instead!

Five of us went out for dinner this evening at the hotel, and then I'm off to get some kip!

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