One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Raheny Boy, the poipes the poipes are co-hauling.

8.20am. There is a spring in my step as I am about to climb the six flights of stairs that will take me to my art deco office in the Repair Factory (the only connection with art deco is the fact that this section was built in the 1920s - I don't think that beige and grey was the dominant colour scheme of the art deco period...) 

Today involved active mattresses to prevent pressure sores, electrical tourniquets, arranging to meet catering companies (hopefully they will bring in samples), measuring bed pan washers (inside and out), gasping at the price of polymer bedside lockers (EUR752 a pop... ex VAT!), mobile computerised radiography equipment (you don't get much change out of a hundred grand), phototherapy cabinets (the fancy hospital name for a stand-up sun bed) and reagent to measure something in colon (I'll have to probe that one further to get a better understanding of the basics). Never a dull day in the Repair Factory. 

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