Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Tiny Tongue

Pipersdad often calls me to come outside with my camera.  I never ask why, I just grab it and find him.  Today he had his eye on this Common Garter Snake in the backyard.  It was among a pile of debris that I've been asking PD to clean up and it was hard to get up close without disturbing it.  When I finally got close enough, it started moving and flicking its tiny forked tongue.  Sorry to all the herpetophobes but this small snake is completely harmless if that helps. ;-)  Many thanks to ninniex for hosting Tiny Tuesday for the past 5 weeks!

Tomorrow and Thursday I will be having a Blipmeet with V1k1 and her lovely daughter who are visiting from New Zealand.  Vicki and I met a few years ago when she and her husband visited so it will be a happy reunion.  Can't wait!!  Please forgive my lack of comments for the next few days and I'll try to catch up on the weekend.

I am grateful to PD for vacuuming the dog hair out of the car today.  No matter how much we brush Piper at this time of year she still keeps shedding.  Next week she has a 'spa' appointment and they will do a professional deshedding.  Then she'll be good....for a few weeks. 

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