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By kendallishere

A walk in the park

Bella and Evan joined me this afternoon while their mom got some work done, and this is what we saw. We never did see anyone succeed in mounting that bicycle, stilts or no stilts. 

I am a terrible blipper these days, and I apologize for my absence and inattention. I never seem to have time to catch up on comments. Tonight I need to turn in early because I’ll be up at 5 a.m. tomorrow to drive down to Salem to document the arrival of the #GiveUsShelter march at the State Capitol. Tomorrow night I’ll have hours of processing to do, and Thursday morning I’ll be driving Cristina and the children to the airport. This coming weekend, Cristina’s parents will meet them in L.A., and while Cristina works, the grandparents will take the kids to Universal Studios and other exciting places in the vicinity of Hollywood. What children wouldn't have stars in their eyes after that?

Maybe on Friday I can catch up a bit.

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