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Tiny ..........

 ............. Tuesday209  (TT209) - thanks to ninniex for hosting all this month.

A "positive" blip - see what I did there!!!!!    :o))

I had two appointments today - one in the morning with the physio in Spalding, one at the hospital in Peterborough in the afternoon.   Got almost all the way to the physio when they called the house phone and cancelled.
Now if I cancelled inside of 24 hours they send me a bill - how come if they cancel I can't do the same????   All take, no give.

The hospital appt. went without a hitch except for the 40 minute wait for the pharmacy ...... I don't really understand why hospital prescriptions can't be fulfilled at a chemist?   Hey-ho.

A "mission" on Friday/Saturday and the start of a "Where's BikerBear Now?" on Monday ....... get your thinking caps on!!!

~ Anni ~

Backblipped early on Wednesday 29 May 2019

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