Oats Royd Mill luddenden valley

The family firm of John Murgatroyd and Sons Ltd, worsted spinners, started out in the 1700s doing cotton spinning at a farm, Green Edge, Warley. The business then expanded by collecting cloth from other farms, and had a warehouse at Lane Side, Warley and a room in the Piece Hall, Halifax.
The first section of the mill at Oats Royd, Midgley was built in 1847, with different sections being added in 1863, 1881 and 1893. At its peak in the early 1900's the company employed 1500 people, and in 1954 became part of the West Riding Worsted and Woollen Mills Group, Guiseley, one of the largest worsted manufacturing groups in the country. The mill ceased production in 1983 and various parts of the building were used as industrial units.There was a fire in one of the mills destroying it in 1989 . At the present time the remaining building has been converted into housing

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