The Mammal's Perspective

By Esper

Trek Forever

I decided to take a hiatus from my daily Batman viewing having reached the end of season 2. I'm going to start watching one daily episode of Star Trek. I started this evening with the original pilot episode, The Cage. I've watched this episode several times and I still think it's a great episode. However, until this evening I had only ever seen seen the mixed black and white/colour version. Tonight I watched the fully restored complete colour version which, surprisingly, greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the show. Valerie and Arthur, despite snickering at some of the alien costumes, effects, sets and wardrobe, were nonetheless hooked on the story. Valerie, in particular, loved the relationship between Captain Pike and the Veena/Number One/Yeoman quandary. I'm so glad that Pike has been resurrected in the Kelvin timeline and other Star Trek series'; he was a great character. 

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