Fox House

For the first time in 20 years we didn't have to walk past this home around the corner in mud.  It now sports a solid and complete sidewalk.  They've spruced it up nicely for sale.

I'm wishing well the many people affected by tornadoes that whipped through the Midwest, 10 alone in Ohio.  I'm grateful for a safe dry home tonight.  We had a lot of hard driving rain last night, but the only casualty was the mole that was discovered drowned on the driveway.  I guess he picked the wrong place for a mole hole (or dozen).

I didn't realize I'd cause a stir with my (somewhat embellished) tale about the tomato yesterday.  You folks are funny!  No, I didn't buy the tomato.  And no Martin, I won't leave you hanging.  But if I get my days right, it will probably take a walk down the runway on Silly Saturday, as long as no cold wind blows through.  Shrinkage, ya know.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful evening/day.

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