By flying

Last of autumn.....

.....glowing brightly in morning light.

We had a rough night of gale force wind, it was noisy as it battered trees, outdoor furniture and wind chimes. Yesterday my driveway was full of tiny red maple leaves, this morning it looked like they had been swept away, thanks to the wind but out from my lounge our lawn was covered in small light green and golden leaves, goodness knows how far they had traveled during the night. 

As I was looking out this morning the pin oak leaf caught my eye. Hard to believe this is the same branch of four leaves I blipped on Monday  which you all enjoyed, this morning just one leaf left. It was also interesting to note how the background had changed. On Monday it was full of gorgeous rich golden tones, today there's a lot less golden as the trees in the distance are almost stripped bare.

There's been strong winds throughout the day which are supposed to subside tonight. It was warm today but as I type late afternoon the temperature is dropping as it's snowing on the Alps, think we're in for a bitter long weekend.

Happy Thursday everyone :)

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