By sebrose

So seventies

It’s sunny this morning, but there’s a light frost that has further depleted the Cosmo in Claire’s planters.

Megan’s off to Glasgow, so I drop her at Holyrood and head for the office. I squeeze into the staff car park and shuffle over the faded pastel, paving slabs into level 0.

It’s still early. My password has expired. I treat myself to black pudding and potato scone, then get to work. Lunchtime arrives and the veggie options are unenticing. I opt for a Mr Potato submerged in vegetable curry. Yum yum.

The journey home is slow, out past Portobello and onto the by-pass. Then I have mounds of paperwork to do - which keeps me going till eleven. I unwind with Ed Reardon before passing out.

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