Holiday day 6: Ardvourlie to Timsgarry

Rather than a room in a traditional bed and breakfast, last night in Ardvourlie we stayed in a suite of three rooms - a bedroom, a kitchen/sitting room and a bathroom - on the ground floor of a croft house. Our hostess, who lives about half a mile away,  supplied us with supper of homemade fish pie and Eve's pudding to heat up in the oven yesterday, and this morning we cooked our own breakfast using supplies left for us in the fridge. We relished the peace and quiet of being all on our own, without phone/Internet connection, and are already looking forward to stopping here again on our return journey south next week.

We set off just after 09:30 for our longest cycle of the holiday - north over the border up the eastern side of Lewis to Leurbost, then across the middle of the island due west (straight into the wind), and finally south again to Uig on the south west side of the island. We stopped for soup for lunch at Callanish. It was a long ride, but very enjoyable, largely due to the sunshine that accompanied us most of the way.

There are no prizes for guessing our final destination of Baile-na-Cille (as blipped a zillion times before, mainly by me, for example in June 2017).

Here we have fallen into the company of two other couples whose holidays overlap with ours, one from Melbourne, and the other from Yorkshire. We all got on so well at dinner this evening that we have arranged to book a restaurant table together at the new place across the bay on Baile-na-Cille chef's night off on Friday.

I have blipped some aquatic plants bog bean that we spotted in a loch just outside Miavaig. I expect that some knowledgeable blipper will be able to identify it for us. My extra shows the sunny view from our croft at 06:00 this morning.

Exercise today: 48 mile bike ride.

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