By FrauPic


...cyclist crossing Wilhelm-Kaisen-Bruecke today, and 959573rd this year (notwithstanding multiple crossings). That's my number(s), crossing the bridge after an appointment at the good acoustician's.

I left very happy because he was the first acoustician (I've been to see several) who spoke very logically, answered all my questions, knew how to explain test graphics and was simply brilliant when discussing why I cannot hear f's and s's etc.
Seeing my problem (not being able to participate well in conversation = feeling left out) so well understood made all the difference. I've been feeling rather desperate in group settings for a while, the more so when adressing the problem without getting an adequate response...well, now I get how the others don't get it. (And do hardly ever speak up and do NOT mind their pronounciation. Gonna do a power point and rub it in, though, I will!) Next appointment Friday week and I'm looking forward.

No need to shout!

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