By Artyfartyannie

None-so -pretty

is the old fashioned name for this common saxifrage, London pride. ......or saxifrage x urbium. I suppose we need to learn latin to understand what it means. I like the biological names............a mixture of liking Botany at school and being a Pharmacist, I'm thinking.
I'm getting use out of this plant which I seem to have taken from our old house. Second shot of it used as underplanting and it is evergreen so some winter interest there too........see second shot
Another lousy day of weather so I didn't put myself through another day of getting soaked in the garden. .........Shopping for essentials instead. I fancy going to the garden show in Ingleston tomorrow but I'm sure it will be jammers so not sure and may go on Sunday. If anyone has been give me a little report. 
Sorry shattered here so I'll look later at your reports and photos. Did a mass cooking after dinner so that's good.

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