Here and Now

By Mole

The End of May

With all the rain and warm temperatures of late, plants are growing so fast, we can't keep up with separating them, or clearing out weeds before they're covered or out of control.  Our backyard is greener and fuller than ever.  I still have seeds to plant, but every time the soil begins to dry, it rains again. 

It's been an absolutely beautiful month.  And this was a perfectly gorgeous day for Mr Mole's niece (in Virginia) to begin her new married life.  She and her beau make such an adorable couple.

I'm needing new glasses and am often unsure when photos are clear or blurred.  I may ask for input from time-to-time.

My "Monet" is in Extras - please comment.  I think it has no focal point and am bothered by too much light in front/bottom and not enough toward to the back/top.  I like it; I'm just trying to figure out how to improve on it, other than taking it in different light.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  If you get technical, I may not follow what you're talking about!  Thanks :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for your feedback on the two houses. Yesterday's late posted blip here x

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