The first day of winter, and boy oh boy did it deliver.
We didn't sleep that well, the rain was very heavy and we kept checking to see if any stars were shining through our glass roof. We woke in our glass house feeling lovely and snug, but once it lightened we could see snow on the ground - not too much though.
Enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, absolutely scrumptious, which was part of our gift.....while enjoying the amazing snow views every which way.  Lots of photos taken.

We headed home at a leisurely pace, knowing that there was lots of snow about, but never quite realising how much.  As we neared Lake Tekapo the landscapes were white, white and white.  Unable to stop safely, the snow plows had been working, with no room for parking as just too dangerous.  All of these are taken from the car, some with the window open, others not.....please take a look at my extras too, just shows an overview of some that I took as we travelled towards and through Tekapo.  Snow was all the way down to Fairlie although not so thick.

We have had such a fabulous three days - each one giving us different adventures with different weathers.  We are so lucky, and appreciate that we are able to do these things.
Too many photos to edit now !!


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