Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham

The Butt End!

This silly lamb carried on munching grass oblivious to the fact I was standing on the other side of the gorse bush and despite its mother’s frantic calls...sudden realisation of its own predicament had it...well bleating like a lamb!!

There’s been some tree felling going on in the garden over the last couple of days...the variegated sycamore came down after the great tits fledged and a few other straggly and over planted specimens. Today we took the decision to fell the larch (extra)...because of the over planting most of the trees are tall and skinny, the larch included, and it had quite a lean on it..meaning if it ever came down it would do so right on top of the garage we’re about to build! It was sad to see it go as it’s one of my favourite photography subjects in autumn...we’re hoping to plant something in its place after the garage is finished.

Last night we went to look at a derelict property for sale locally, it has planning permission to convert to a 3/4 bedroom country house and comes with 5 acres of land...let’s just say we won’t be buying it!

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday and 60plus for hosting Derelict Sunday. I’m entering the daisies in this weeks Wildflower Week challenge, thanks to Miranda1008 for hosting.

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