She's visiting Honolulu for a few days and tied up in Honolulu Harbor.  A tall ship (4-masted) training ship, from Peru.  The name on her wheel is "Buque Escuela A Vela Union".   Welcome aboard!
Her figurehead is The Inca Tupac Yupanqui, "a symbol of daring, of firm sight, and radiant face."  An old Peruvian gold pound coin was placed in the base of the aft mainmast, a tradition to ensure fair winds for those who crew the ship.  I found the symbols on the doors of the toilets (a stiletto heeled shoe for women, a top hat for men) quite intriguing.   She's on her way to Los Angeles, California and then to Mazatlán, Mexico.   She started this trip from Ancon, Peru on March 16 and will sail back to Callao, Peru on July 27.   The beautiful Peruvian flag flying from her mizzen mast is enormous!    The national flag of Peru is a simple red and white triband.   The one flying on the ship is a state flag, same as the national flag but with the Peruvian coat of arms in the center.

Wiki link wouldn't work, so here is info and more pictures from her last port of call on her from Vancouver, Canada.

She is facing the enormous Norwegian cruise ship "Pride of America" across the harbour.    And the dispute surrounding the "Falls of Clyde" historic ship has not been resolved, so she remains at her berth in the harbour as well.


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