A Wonderful Prescription

"hope is the thing with feathers "   Emily Dickinson 

How right she was and thanks to chrisf  a rather special Blipper based in Manchester / Salford , I got this amazing picture Take as a surprise for me  I had it  printed & framed. Then took my image for today( rules being rules) .It doesn't show  off his 1st class photography  but it came at the right moment. These are geese known to me and to date this is the 1st year minus them with their young .Thanks to 'Dr Chris' I've  booked flight + hotel . Just an overnight. Avian therapy always heals .I owe much to the Canada Geese of Manchester. They are amazing . Here feathers of hooded crows boost me  . Emily Dickinson was so right .Thanks again Chris .I'm in top gear now with paperwork and had a lovely call off the UK  tax man yesterday !  They work Saturday.  Your picture , these birds , that call responding to mine mean progress..Onwards and like a bird 'upwards '.--------

I'm adding a link to a group called Coldplay 'Fix You' 
A song & lyrics which  are very  special.Just what you need when stuck in reverse :
Fix You

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