Panda's Pics

By pandammonium


The poor beast had to go to the vet for his annual vaccinations.

The bad news is that he’s lost quite a bit of weight — he’s been feeling a bit bony of late. So he got a tapeworm tablet (he got one Dreamie for each of the five goes it took the vet to administer it), he was prescribed a daily dose of hairball removal gel, which is very easy to administer, for seven days and he was told to eat more, something the vet said he doesn’t say very often. He goes back in three weeks to to see if he’s any heavier.

The good news is that they’ve discovered the feline leukaemia vaccine lasts for three years, and if the cat is older than eight, it doesn’t need it at all, unless it’s a fighter.

The vet dutifully made a note in Mr Perkins’ record that he’d best have the vaccination.

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