Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob


Cor, what a tip-top spiffing day! Rich, Phil & I headed to Nottingham today and spent a bit of time popping to bars and taprooms before meeting up with Ruth. After a delicious dinner at Red's BBQ (though I wish I'd opted for the fish sandwich Ruth had because that was scrumptious!), we headed to the Rescue Rooms for The Futureheads. The 'Heads are my favourite band but they've been on hiatus for a few years, so it was amazing to see them live again; proper nostalgia feels! I managed to get a spot on a step, so even though I couldn't see Jaff at all behind a pillar, I had a reet sweet view of the rest of the band! They were just as energetic and awesome as always, and the new songs sound great. I had a really fantastic time at the gig, and we partook of some rather delightful cocktails afterwards too. All in all, a pretty rad day!

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