By dogwithnobrain

Won’t you come back and stay

We went to collect the cats this morning.

To say they were unhappy is a gross misrepresentation.

Bean spotted us or heard us and headed straight out. Beau on the other hand stayed on her post gazing out at the cows and ignoring us.

It’s awful when that happens. beau is Simple, complicated, delighted to be loved.

The Cattery keeper said they had both refused their food this Morning, very unlike them - and there were signs of fresh fur
Balls. :(

But we popped them in their box and took them home. They cried all the way and then we left the doors open so that they could walk in and out as they pleased.

Beau continued to ignore us; but Bean ate her food, walked out one door, in the other, out the original, back in the first!

Beau sat in the middle of rooms and looked miserable.

Then tonight she climbed up on the chair, onto the window ledge and then onto me. She padded me for a while and then got back in her basket.

And now her she is watching the tv with me. Everything is okay

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