Southampton Again

Today I was up early again for the flight to Southampton.  The airport was just as busy as last week - it took about 25 minutes to get through security.  So much for it being busy because of half term last week!

Today's flight was on time, but on the tiniest plane I've been on for years.  There were just 10 rows of double seats down one side, and 9 single seats down the other.  There were no overhead lockers, so we had to gate check all our large bags.  The flight was also longer than usual - just over an hour - because of a headwind.

In a change to the previous flights, we landed from the north, and so got to fly over the railway works where some of Sharon's ancestors used to work.

We still made it down in good time, and I met up with one of our managers and shared a taxi to the office.

I went with a colleague to the TGI Fridays at his hotel for dinner.  The car park there was full of police vans - we guessed they were there for the cricket, but the taxi driver thought it was more to do with the D Day Celebrations which Mr Trump is attending down in Portsmouth tomorrow.

After dinner I took a taxi through to my hotel, which is out in a small village in the countryside.  It's very pretty and has the feel of a village built up around a coaching inn.  I took a short walk around the area near the hotel before bed.  It's been a long day.

Extra: The railway works just before the airport perimeter at Southampton.

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