Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tiny Meal

These tiny, colorful flies are abundant here in the summer and I always find them challenging to photograph.  They measure 1/16 to 1/4 inch in length and have a wide range of colors from iridescent green to blue to copper.  And just about the time you manage to focus and get ready to click the shutter, they're gone.  So I had a lot of nice photos of leaves this morning before I finally got this somewhat mediocre shot in the bag.  Still finding my "macro hands" after the long winter so the focus isn't quite as crisp as I wanted, however you can see the fine hairs on it's body as well as a hint of whatever it's eating.  They eat other insects, so heaven only knows what it found that was small enough to eat!  

It was another beautiful day and I spent almost all morning outside with both cameras and some gardening paraphernalia.  Just between us, I used the cameras a lot more than the gardening stuff, although I did manage to remove some invasive vines.  Loads of cute rodents and harried looking birds.  And several rather refined looking Gray Catbirds - click HERE to see my favorite shot.

Many thanks to Loisbiz for hosting TinyTuesday this month!

Mom and Dad were in S. Dakota last night, making tracks back across the United States.  I'm missing them very much.


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