6 months in the 5th


Rosa Bonheur

It's a little hard to read in my photo but this péniche in the Seine is a bar called "Rosa Bonheur". It's a good name for a bar. "Rosa" evokes roses, the colour pink and "Bonheur" = Happiness. Rosa Bonheur is also a historical figure, one of the few women artists who received some recognition for her work during her life time. I think a lot about how we remember women writers, artists and musicians... in this case, the bar is using the artist's name but in a way that evacuates who she really was and does nothing to commemorate her.. 

I took this photo when I went to meet a colleague for coffee and a lovely catch-up this afternoon. When I got back, we'd had a call from some friends of my older daughter who are travelling through Paris and had had their airbnb reservation unexpectedly cancelled. They came over and found themselves another place to stay in a super location... so maybe it all worked out for the best? We went over to the new place with them and then all went out for crepes for dinner on rue Daguerre.

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