Burning out his fuse.....

....up there alone.

Claire, Gemma and myself went to see Rocket Man and we liked it. I have loved Elton John's music from a very young age and it was good to see a film about the ups and downs of his life/career. I'd give it 8/10 but if you don't like musicals or Elton John avoid it.

I, like many people probably think Elton is a none likeable kind of person, but this film really makes you consider how his early stardom affected him, with personal battles going on that could break anyone. 

I now have a bit more sympathy for him and can almost understand some of his terrible temper episodes.

I saw him live 15 years ago in Gibraltar and was lucky enough to be only a few feet away from him as he performed for nearly three hours. He is an exceptional piano player and performer.

I am also going to see him on his farewell tour when he visits Birmingham but we have to wait until November 2020.

Don't worry about the shot, I got my phone out during the titles at the end when the cinema had almost emptied ;)

Mr Bo Hingles

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