By SweetArt

The Friday bible study group

This lovely bunch of ladies are the Friday Bible Study group.

We represent South Africa, South Korea, USA, Sweden, Philippines, Pakistan/UAE/Australia/Hong Hong (that would be me!!!), Taiwan and Canada. It’s quite a mix and we love the diversity.

So today was our final meeting and the conclusion of this study. We had a lunch to finish off as this is probably the last time we’ll meet in our home.

I’m treasuring all the time I can spend with them.

Met up with Ev for a bit to order some stuff from the China Amazon website. She’s a bit of an expert and getting it all translated.

Back home for an evening in with Ben when I got a call from Ev to say she’s going to be admitted in the hospital and could I please come and look after Addie. I was shocked and raced over and found her in a lot of pain. Glad she’s gone to the hospital! She’s got peritonitis. First one since her recent surgery.

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