D-Day: 75 years

I was very moved by the ceremony, this morning,  of the unveiling of the: D-Day Sculpture of three soldiers which overlooks Gold Beach.  

I was not born at that time but my cousin who would have been 10, remembers holding on to her mother in bed as they could hear the German firing squads executing French people in the quarry not far from where they lived.  

Her father, an Englishman, left on the day of her 6th birthday to join in the war leaving her mother with 4 very young children.  

She has always been eternally grateful to the US Soldiers who went through their village in what seemed to be a never ending line  of tanks as the Germans ran away.  This is what made her go to the States for 6 months.  She stayed there for the rest of her life!

This could be my flag born of French parents and brought up in England.  Once Ro and I were married my mother was relentless : I must have the same nationality as my husband!  She had seen couples separated as the Germans rounded up french people to be shot because of the actions of the resistance.

So I have two nationalities and I would so like my two countries to go forward hand in hand.

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