By PicturePoems

Making hay

... while the sun shines. At least, it looks as if that's what has been happening in this field. In another, two bulls were attempting to make whoopee with cows who, at the same time and in between, were feeding their calves. Don't think I've ever seen cattle all together in bovine family domesticity before. Which left me wondering ... (any farmers out there?) ... are cows more receptive and/or more fertile while still lactating? Even the clouds seemed to be joining in the frolics (see Extras).

On Tuesday I went to table tennis. Mr PP's been to archery. And tonight I'm back to line-dancing. So we seem to be finally shaking off the jetlag and getting back to normal. I'm sure the sunshine helps. Though, as you see, clouds are gathering ... rain forecast for tomorrow. Of course it is: Mrs B (formerly known as Miss PP) is heading down for a few days. Oh well, let's hope we still have some sunshine. It'll be good to see her, whatever the weather.

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