My daily photo.

By kayakgirl

Cedar Wax-wings.

While talking on the phone to a friend this morning I looked out the window and saw these three Cedar Wax-wings on the top of a tree.  I really can't believe it turned out as it was hand holding the camera and 100-400 lens along with the phone and clicked a few shots off.  Yeah, blip done before noon!  Which works out well as we will be leaving as soon as husband is home at noon, to drive to Ellensburg and pick up our son.  Hard to believe his first year away at college is ending tomorrow.  He has one last final exam in the morning and must be out of dorm by noon tomorrow.

Last night I took the drippy pansy shot for my blip, but please see the Extra Photos of what came along after dinner.  I love my backyard.

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