I watched some of the TV presentations from France this morning, and found it all very emotional, particularly the veterans and their stories.  

We owe so much to those men and the men who occupy the graves in the cemeteries.  We once visited one of the British war cemeteries in Normandy, as we were there and felt it was only right that we paid respect.  It was a much more poignant visit than I had expected, the ages were the thing that upset me so much, 17, 18, 19 a lot of them.  

My grandson is 23 years old, and has a house, a girlfriend, a good job, just back from a holiday abroad.  These lads gave their lives and didn't get the chance of all these things.  So sad, we owe them our good life.

It has been a lovely day, we went shopping in the afternoon and I have shown a picture over the farm road, which is really all I have taken today. But it was a nice peaceful scene, I felt.

Post op. update:  Today I have been walking up and downstairs as normal, rather than one step at a time, a big plus.  I am also mostly off medication, except of course for my injection which I have to do for another nine days.  Also I find I need my stick less and less, particularly indoors.  All good.

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