My first blip-year

By Silverace

A sad sad day...

I’m writing this with tears in my eyes...
Today we said our final goodbyes to a loved one. My part-time foster-sister passed away on ascension day at only 43 years old. She was one of the most uplifting, caring and sweet persons I have ever met and wish she would have lived forever.

We knew she wouldn’t get as a old as most of us, as she had down-syndrome. Only a few years back the first signs of dementia started showing and this year the illness aggravated and she deteriorated at an unbelievable rate. I hope she finds peace now.

My parents provided part-time foster-care for her and her little brother from when they were 6 and 4 all the way untill their mid-teens. Their father had died and their continuous care, especially with her syndrome, was just too much for their mum. My father worked as a nurse on an institution for the mentally handicapped and was well equipped to take on this task, supported by my mum. Me and my brother just tagged along.

I was 7 when they first came and just turned 18 when the additional care was no longer needed. They would stay with us for one or two long weekends each month and a few holiday weeks per year. I will cherish the memories of these times with intensity. Even though their last ‘official’ foster-stay is over 25 years back, we still are in very close contact with them and we treat each other as real family.

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