Abstract Thursday - I can see . . .

Hairdressers this morning on the way a car pulled out in front of me on the roundabout - it was his right of way but not the speed he was going!  Number 2 Into Tesco for some fruit and bread - paid and then couldn't find my keys.  Panicked - retraced steps but no - asked at information and they had been handed in phew - number 3 approached a T junction and there was a white van waiting to turn left but the car who could not have seen me  turned right and shot out in front of me.  Felt OK to drive home as I had my three incidents!  Sorted out shopping and did some internet research.  
Thanks to INgeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday - my offering today is the shadow of a sky light on the wall - it has had condensation in during the winter and has dried to this abstract pattern - but in it I can see a dog, a monkey, a duck - have fun looking.
Mostly dry but with some heavy showers

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