By CanCarrier

Classic cars

I spent the day doing some personal maintenance, a trip to the doctor to get my blood pressure checked so I can go scuba diving when I go on holiday, home to make a batch of strawberry, rhubarb and ginger jam. A trip to the dentist for a checkup. Then a quick sprint up to Lauriston Place to give blood. Apparently they are running low on A+, they only have two days supply, so I popped up and gave a pint. 

I came home past the pub, so I decided to see who was in and get a half pint. D was in so we did the crossword puzzle and had a chat. 

Then I threw a 'whitey', I keeled over and puked down my front. Not something I remember doing before. 

You know who your friends are when you come round in the pub with vomit on your shirt. N was on the phone to NHS 24, D made me sit down, M offered to hold my hair back whilst I threw up. Everybody was just so kind and nice and obviously concerned. After a good drink of iced water and few minutes standing in the cool fresh air I felt a good deal better. 

I am home now and have washed and eaten and had plenty of water. 

I think I owe a few pints down the pub. 

The car was seen on Regent Road. 

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