good morning canary

By sk

my dad

DBDD (dad) 1942 - he could have been a model! two years later he was doing all that stuff that we've seen on the telly today, and heard on the radio. 22 years old in '44. he was wounded in August 1944 in a cornfield in Normandy. for the rest of his life he set off alarms at airports all over the world due to the amount of shrapnel that couldn't be removed.
one of his few happy war stories: is that in 1970 he was returning from a business trip to Hong Kong and Japan where he had purchased many presents, and after he'd picked the 'something to declare' line, a customs officer stepped forward and said, i'd like to shake your hand Sir. it turned out that dad had been the only soldier able to say thank you to this WW2 stretcher barer and he'd never forgotten it.
he always used to say that he could have saved himself a lot in duties had he known!
(though i would like to add, that he always taught us children that it was a privilege to pay tax.)

how times have changed.  
it seems that the mega rich have no feeling of obligation, and it's left to us in the middle to pay for everything.

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