By AmandaT2013

Photobombing robin!

I had a morning sorting out some phone calls, and sorting out and filing paperwork.  One of those jobs that as the pile builds it gets put off!  It is now all organised and neatly filed.

Then we went for our swim, and a complete contrast to yesterday when it was 5 lanes of school kids and one swimming lane, with very leisurely swimmers in that lane (I struggled to swim slow enough when I was behind them).  Relaxing it wasn't!  Today though, it was lovely and peaceful.  Mr T and I shared a lane, and then when he got out for a while it was just me in the pool.

Then we did our shop in Aldi on the way home.

Popped a few more plants into the garden tonight, but I think we are getting to capacity now.

I liked the evening light and as I was taking this photo of the acer and foxgloves the robin came in, almost landed on my foot and then he was off in a blur!

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