Well, after saying only the other day that Little Dog was only doing short walks, she seemed to want to prove me wrong today.  It was a shortish walk but she hasn't marched so fast in a long time.  I kept telling her to wait while I hunted for bugs but she wasn't really listening.

Maybe she knew this cinnabar moth would be in the last quarter of a mile from home.

Finally, the smart meter has been fitted.  It was a faff but now sorted and I've taken the opportunity of the electricity being off to defrost the freezer.  Ready to go in the freezer is a whole load of scrummy GF artisan breads, ordered because they have no gums and no quinoa flour. It's not cheap but I reckon it'll be around £1 a day (unless I start gorging myself) and that's not bad for a lunch that doesn't make me ill.

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