By SilverLady

Thank you

Today the sun shone. The sky and the sea were both blue. The Buddha laughed as he bathed in his bath, and laughed some more as he dried in the sun with his chicken friends.

The blackbird kept watch from a few feet away, while the young starlings stayed peacefully together looking out over the idyllic calm of the English Channel.

The poppies bloomed in the bright sunlight in a peaceful garden in England where we remembered our loved ones and the immense and overwhelming sacrifices they made when so many years ago they crossed the same English Channel by sea and in the air so that peace could reign.

75 years ago they made the world a better place and many thousands were killed in the effort to achieve that aim.

Lest we take their sacrifice for granted may we always remember them.

A force of many nations uniting for peace.

With gratitude and humility we thank them.

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