By Purko


A selection of pictures were contenders for today's blip, I chose this as I like the bright yellow and red box.

Thought the bus from Florø was at 9:30, turns out it was 9:25 and I was 3 mins too late. Decided to try and hitch a lift as the next bus wasn't for another 2 hrs. This went fine and had a nice chat with a chap on his way to spring clean his hytta.

Seems I chose an unconventional route up Blånipa, as the path was nigh on un-trodden, and the cairns came and went.

At the base of a huge cliff guarding the summit, I found a well marked path that I knew would at some point cross the summit path. After a km, I decided to scramble up a steep stream, a big short cut as it turned out.

I knew my timing for the second bus was going to be tight, so put in a serious effort down the hill and arrived with seconds to spare. Except it was 10 mins late this time, no need to hurry.

Blip taken on the summit of Blånipa - 1021m. All big Norwegian mountains have a log book at the summit of them. Florø is at the end of the peninsula in the background

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