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Vegetable Farmer

This old gentleman sells vegetables at the weekend from his and his son's farm at Everton, just above Tempsford.

And he has a question about flying for me, several normally, every time I visit.  But leaving aside the one about carrier takeoffs (which I've never experienced) and show-off USN pilots, he wanted to talk again about the building from the Second World War which they (the locals) called the Transmitter.

This brick hut was about 500yds from his farm, so about 1,000yds from the end of one of Tempsford's runways and I supposed that it was a radio beacon of some sort, perhaps to help pilots home to the airfield at night or in poor weather.  Tempsford was a very important airfield, one from which SOE agents were transported to behind enemy lines, often in France.

I promised to find out, perhaps by talking to the Signals Museum volunteers at RAF Henlow.  In the meantime I caught a photo of him.

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