The Day

of the Photobomber (see extra) :)

So glad to see so many bees around - here is one :)

Charlie was very funny today.  I had the windows open....and she was on the sill.  I glanced up at one point, and there she was chasing a bumble bee that had come in through the open window!  Thankfully I persuaded the bee it was better outside...

Weekly shop, followed by car check - tyres, oil etc.  Then home and its good to be able to kick back and relax after such a busy week :)

Tomorrow I will be travelling to Chipping Norton to preach - and guess what - the M4 Junction 13 is closed.....  

It will be interesting to see if I can actually go past there on the A34 (no information about that on the Highways Agency Website - but on Google Maps there are a whole lot of no entry signs!  

Useless information if they don't tell you which way to go instead!!

Praying my car behaves itself too :)

Quiet evening in, Casualty on later and Salmon with Roast Butternut Squash for dinner :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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