Red for Pentecost

Went to market and to supermarkets in Reguengos on my own, as Mike busy plastering; met up at the Adega, the men were singing wonderfully well. I chatted to a Brazilian from São Paulo, here visiting her daughter, who married a guy from Porto, and her new granddaughter. At one point the baby was fussing, and one of the old guys, Angelo, took her off her grandmother and sang with her on his shoulder, she nestled into him, looking totally at peace. Can you imagine, in England, a stranger just taking a baby like that? Loved it.

Going to church tonight, and then our usual meal with the Padre; he'll be wearing red for Pentecost.

- the singing in the Adega today
- croissants hot from the oven for breakfast tomorrow
- fresh figs from Maria's garden

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