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By RedFlash

The Hampshire Jubilee Sculpture

When my car had its MOT I had an advisory on my two front tyres. As we are using my car to go to Scotland in a few weeks I thought that it was best to have them done. So this morning the deed has been done and I’m a bit poorer.

I’ve volunteered at the WInchester City Mill this afternoon. There were some lovely visitors.

On the way home I wandered up towards the Great Hall as I’d seen a wedding taking place there on the way to the mill. I passed the Hampshire Jubilee Sculpture on the way. It was built in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. I’d not looked at the details before.

HtP and I will be busy tomorrow as we have some more planters to plant.

And it rained again today.

I’m waiting for the sourdough to cook before I can go to bed.

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